Power BI: Creating a Dimensional Report based on Star Schema, in Power BI (Tutorial)


This video demonstrates how to create a Power BI dimensional report from a star schema database created in Microsoft Access. A star schema is a type of relational database schema that consists of a central fact table surrounded by dimension tables, linked to the central fact table by ID's. In the video, the sales query is the central fact table, surrounded by dates, salespeople, stores, and products tables. The video demonstrates how to import these tables into Power BI, and then how to create a dashboard based on the star schema. The video starts by creating a new column in the sales query named total cost, sales, and profit. The report tab is used to create the dashboard, where a map chart, line and clustered column chart, donut chart, and stacked column chart are created. Finally, the location, manager, and region fields are added to the column chart to create a complete dimensional report based on the star schema. Download access and power bi desktop file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YVjEYb1dsnOGuiNDjbvI4tjcCeR7P-qO/view?usp=sharing https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=wbfGHgl-mCI #PowerBI #DimensionalReport #StarSchema #MicrosoftAccess #DataVisualization #BusinessIntelligence #DataAnalysis #DataModeling


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