MS Excel: Best Way to Create Dashboard using a Grid - Stocks Performance Analysis and Visualization.


Official Website: Forums: SQL Server for Practice (Adventure Works Database): SQL Server for Practice (Star Corps Database): MySQL Server for Practice (Star Bakery Database): Welcome to our MS Excel dashboard tutorial where we'll guide you through creating an insightful stock performance dashboard using power pivot, pivot tables, slicer, and timeline. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to: - Create a canvas in MS Excel to properly place visuals. - Design a stock performance dashboard using historical stocks data. - Download historical data for four tech companies: Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Meta. - Organize and load the data into Excel, creating a data model using Power Pivot. - Use pivot tables to summarize stock data, including maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, and variance. - Build a dashboard with a dark theme, adding a heading, slicer, and timeline. - Customize styles for the dashboard elements. - Connect slicer and timeline to pivot tables. - Create line charts for stock prices and connect them to the slicer and timeline. - Finalize the dashboard by protecting the sheet and making necessary adjustments. Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial to enhance your Excel skills and create a visually appealing stock performance dashboard. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon for more insightful tutorials and updates. Thanks for watching! #ExcelTutorial #DataAnalysis #DashboardDesign #StockPerformance #TechCompanies #PowerPivot #PivotTables #Slicer #Timeline #DataModel #MicrosoftExcel #FinancialAnalysis #DataVisualization #StockMarket #Meta #Google #Microsoft #Apple #DataVisualization #Tutorial #SubscribeNow #LikeAndLearn #TechInvesting #Analytics #DataManagement #FinancialDashboard #ExcelSkills #InsightfulLearning


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