MS Excel: Using Excel Slicers to Filter Data Quickly and Easily


This video is a tutorial on how to use Excel's slicer tool to filter data quickly and easily. The video starts with an introduction to the purpose of slicers, which is to filter data to find specific information quickly. The presenter then goes on to demonstrate how to use slicers on a table of sample data. The first step is to go to the 'Insert' tab on the Excel ribbon and select 'Slicer.' This brings up the Slicer dialog box, where the user can select the columns they want to use as filters for their data. The presenter selects the columns for country name, year, and score. Once the columns are selected, the presenter clicks 'OK,' and this creates slicers that can be used to filter the data. The slicers appear as windows containing the unique values in the selected columns. To use the slicers to filter data, the presenter demonstrates how to simply click on one of the values. This updates the table to show only the data that matches the selected value. The presenter also shows how to reset a slicer by clicking the clear filter button on the top right corner of the slicer. Additionally, selecting a value in one slicer selects the relevant value in the other slicers. The presenter demonstrates how to select multiple values in the slicer to create more complex filters. The video also shows how to use slicers with charts and pivot tables. The presenter creates a chart to demonstrate the usage of slicers with charts. The presenter also shows how to copy the chart to another sheet to avoid the chart disappearing in filtered rows. The slicers can also be copied to the other sheet and will work in the same way there. The video concludes by summarizing how convenient slicers are to use and inviting viewers to like and subscribe for more tutorials and updates. #ExcelSlicer #DataFiltering #ExcelTips #ExcelTricks #DataVisualization #DataAnalysis #MicrosoftExcel #Spreadsheet #OfficeTips #Productivity #Tutorial #Training


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