Power BI: Analyzing Murder Motives in India


The video tutorial discusses how to analyze murder motives in India using data that is available online. The tutorial provides a link to download the data and instructs viewers to load the data into Power BI using the "get data" feature. Once the data is loaded, the tutorial instructs viewers to transform the data, filtering out the total values and unpivoting the value fields. Viewers are then instructed to load another dataset from an Excel workbook that contains the population of each state in India. The population data is formatted to display as comma-separated numbers, and a title for the dashboard is inserted. The tutorial goes on to instruct viewers to insert a map chart to display the number of murders by state, with the state field in the location area and the value field in the bubble size area. The value field is renamed as "murders," and the map style is changed to grayscale. A pie chart is also inserted to display the number of murders by motive, with the attribute field in the legend area and the value field in the values area. A scatter chart is then added to the dashboard to analyze the correlation between population and the number of murders in various states. Viewers are instructed to add the states field from the population table to the values area, the population field to the X axis, and the value field from the murder motives table to the Y axis. A relationship is created between the states fields in both tables to ensure that the data displays correctly. Finally, a slicer visual is added to the dashboard with the year field added, allowing viewers to select a specific year to display data for. The dashboard is now complete, and the tutorial concludes with a summary of the findings that areas with more population have more murder cases, while areas with less population have less murder cases. https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=sJKRZTSAxkQ Data Source: https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/paramamithra/motives-of-murder-in-india-from-2001-to-2013 #murdermotives #IndiaCrimeData #PowerBI #DataVisualization #DataAnalysis #PopulationCorrelation #MurderTrends #SlicerVisual #DashboardTutorial #LikeAndSubscribe #CrimeStatistics #MurderCases #PopulationDensity #DataInsights


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