Power BI: Creating a Project Cashflows Dashboard to help Management Make Informed Decision


The video is a tutorial on how to create a dashboard to present financial data related to two options for starting a new project - buying machinery or renting it. The data, containing inflows and outflows for both options, is available in an Excel file. The video shows how to create a dashboard using Microsoft Power BI. The video starts with an introduction, where the speaker mentions the two options and the dilemma of choosing between them. Then, he explains that the cash flows data is available in an Excel file, and there are separate columns for inflows and outflows for both options. The speaker demonstrates how to create a dashboard step-by-step. First, he connects to the Excel file using the "get data" feature in Power BI. Once the data is loaded, he creates new columns to calculate the net cash flows for each option, using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). The speaker explains that the net cash flows can be calculated by adding inflows and outflows, since inflows are in positive and outflows are in negative numbers. Next, the speaker formats all the numbers columns with comma format. He then creates new measures to calculate the running totals of net cash flows for both options. He uses the "calculate" function to calculate the running totals and the "sum" of net cash flows as an expression. The speaker also demonstrates how to filter the data based on dates, from the current row to the row with the latest date. The speaker notes an error in the DAX script and creates a temporary visual to check the data. Once the error is fixed, he creates another measure for the running total for the rent option. He then creates a line chart to check both running totals together. Finally, the speaker creates a dashboard by adding a title using the text box visual. He uses a multi-row card to give a quarterly comparison of both options' cash flows. This visual gives an overview of both options' cash flows. The video ends with the speaker declaring that the dashboard is ready. Chapters: 00:35 - Getting Data from MS Excel 01:13 - Adding New Columns 02:35 - Adding Running Totals 04:43 - Creating a Dashboard Power BI and Excel File Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XX8my9fl3S3_O1q8NDpKFYNG59N06rU-/view?usp=share_link https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=s2bwqOEcTPY #PowerBI #DataVisualization #BusinessIntelligence #ProjectManagement #FinancialAnalysis


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