Power BI: Creating your first Python Visual in Power BI Desktop


This video tutorial explains how to install Python and connect it to Power BI Desktop to create Python visuals. It starts by demonstrating how to download and install Python using a customized installation method in the C drive. After installation, you may need to install libraries, and for demonstration purposes, it uses the Matplotlib library. To use Python visuals in Power BI Desktop, you need to set the Python home directory by going to the settings and selecting the Python scripting section. You can then create a Python script as a data source for Power BI Desktop dashboards. In the video, the user imports the pandas library and defines a data frame with random data with two columns. The video then demonstrates how to transform the data types of both columns to whole numbers before closing and applying the changes to load the data into Power BI Desktop. Finally, the video shows how to create a chart by adding the x field to the x-axis and the y field to the y-axis, and how to add a Python visual to a page in Power BI Desktop. https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=oQgq4oEgczA Chapters: 00:12 - Installing Python 01:36 - Installing Libraries 02:41 - Connecting Power BI Desktop to Python 03:37 - Using Python Script as Data Source 06:05 - Creating a Python Visual in Power BI Desktop #PythonTutorial #DataVisualization #PowerBI #Pandas #Matplotlib


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