Power BI: How to Use Bookmarks for Easy Navigation in Power BI (Tutorial)


This video provides a tutorial on how to use bookmarks in Power BI for navigation between different dashboards and visuals. The video begins by introducing the topic of bookmarks and how they can be used for navigation in Power BI. The presenter then introduces the five dashboards that will be used as examples throughout the video: customers, employees, orders, products, and sales. Next, the video demonstrates how to create a bookmark in Power BI. To create a bookmark, the presenter shows the viewer how to go to the "View" tab and click on "Bookmarks". This opens up the Bookmarks area where bookmarks can be added and removed. The presenter then walks through the process of adding bookmarks for each of the five dashboards. They explain that a bookmark belongs to the currently opened dashboard or visual and demonstrate how to rename each bookmark to make them easier to recognize. The video then shows how to use bookmarks to navigate between the different dashboards. The viewer is encouraged to click on each bookmark to see how it takes them directly to the corresponding dashboard. The presenter then demonstrates how to add bookmarks to individual visuals. They turn on the focus mode for the "Sales by State and Province" visual and add a bookmark by the same name. This allows the viewer to use this bookmark to view this chart in focus mode from anywhere. The video also explains how to place bookmark icons on the dashboard itself. The presenter shows how to add a bookmark from the buttons menu on the insert tab and how to select the bookmark to link to the bookmark button. Finally, the video concludes by summarizing the process of using bookmarks for navigation in Power BI and encourages viewers to like and subscribe for more tutorials and updates. Content of this video 0:00:00 - Introduction to Bookmarks 0:00:31 - Adding a Bookmark 0:01:18 - Navigation with Bookmarks 0:01:28 - Adding a Bookmark for a Focus Mode Visual 0:02:08 - Adding a Bookmark Button 0:02:25 - Navigation with Bookmark Button 0:02:40 - Conclusion #PowerBI #DataVisualization #Dashboards #Bookmarks #BusinessIntelligence #DataAnalytics #DataReports #DataInsights #MicrosoftPowerBI


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