Power BI: Creating Pareto Charts in MS Excel and Power BI to analyze reasons by percentages


The video is a tutorial on how to use Pareto Charts in MS Excel and Power BI to analyze a hypothetical problem. The problem that is being analyzed is the reasons why people are late to their office. The video explains that a Pareto chart is a combination of bars and lines that displays percentages by descending order. In MS Excel, the tutorial explains how to enter the data into two columns: column A for the reasons and column B for the number of cases associated with each problem. The video then explains how to convert the data to percentages by dividing the number of cases by the total cases and multiplying it by 100. The percentages are sorted in descending order, and a running total of all the percentages is calculated. The video then shows how to create a Pareto chart in MS Excel using the data. The reasons, percentages, and running totals are selected, and a Pareto chart is inserted from histograms. The chart is automatically created with percentages as bars and running totals as a line. The tutorial then moves to Power BI, where the data is imported from MS Excel to Power BI using the get data feature. The data is displayed on the right side of the Power BI desktop, and a title for the dashboard is created using the text box visual. A donut chart is inserted to display reasons by the number of cases. The reasons field is added to the legend area, and the cases field is added to the values area. The video then shows how to add a line and clustered column chart to display reasons by percentage in descending order. The reasons field is added to the X-axis, the percentage field to the column Y-axis, and the running total field to the line Y-axis. The video concludes by showing how a Pareto chart is created in Power BI desktop, and encourages viewers to like and subscribe for more tutorials and updates. https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=lyxLDPx2ynY MS Excel and Power BI Files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FPfprO8CjnRKKXZl7smIz6ocoNqVePPF/view?usp=share_link #ParetoChart #MSExcel #PowerBI #DataAnalysis #DataVisualization #tutorial Chapters: 00:19 - Entering Data in MS Excel 01:16 - Calculating Percentages in MS Excel 02:09 - Calculating Running Totals in MS Excel 02:44 - Creating Pareto Chart in MS Excel 03:13 - Loading Data into Power BI Desktop 03:53 - Creating Pareto Chart Dashboard in Power BI


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