MS Excel: Creating an Animated GPS Route on a 3D Map Using MS Excel


The video is a tutorial that guides the viewer through the process of creating an animated GPS route on a 3D map using Microsoft Excel. The presenter explains that to design this visualization, three columns are required: GPS coordinates in latitude and longitude, and a time column. To begin, the presenter suggests downloading GPS data from an online source, which can be found in the video's description. The viewer can use any dataset available online for this exercise. Once the data is downloaded, the presenter instructs the viewer to create a folder on their computer and place the data in it. Next, the presenter opens the downloaded data in Microsoft Excel and shows the viewer the two columns that provide a GPS location. The time column is not properly formatted for the 3D map, so the presenter creates another column named "time" and uses the time value function to convert the GPS time to the appropriate format. The substitute function is then used to replace "T" with "space". The time format for the time column is selected from the home tab, and the function is copied all the way to the end of the table. After the time column has been created, the presenter instructs the viewer to select the entire table and click on the 3D map button in the insert tab, then select "Open 3D Maps". The GPS locations are already incorporated into the map. The visualization is then changed to a heat map, and the manufacturer column is removed from the location area. The time field is added to the time area, and the speed and duration of animation can be changed from the settings. Once the 3D map tour is created, the presenter demonstrates that the viewer can click on the play button to play the animation. The video concludes with the presenter thanking the viewer for watching and inviting them to like and subscribe for more tutorials and updates. Source Data: #3Dmapping #ExcelTutorial #GPSdata #datavisualization #animatedroute #GPScoordinates #mapchart #heatmap #MSExcel #datamapping


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