Power BI: Using Sankey Diagrams to show US Rivers data


In this video we will create a dashboard, using Sankey diagram. Sankey diagrams are a type of flow diagram, in which the width of the arrows is proportional, to the flow rate of the depicted extensive property. We will use a third party custom visual. The link to the custom visual is placed below. You can download and create your own charts. Thousands of Custom Visuals are available online for Powe BI. For the purpose of this dashboard, we will use the United States Rivers data, which is available on Wikipedia. #sankey #powerbi Link to the Sankey Chart: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17qskaOx0nVj-frgcwPrU83mrzdrJGNjk/view?usp=sharing https://virtual-school.org/?p=364


sankey, powerbi
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