Power BI: Realtime Simulation of Coin Flip Probability using SQL and Power BI


Welcome to another power b i direct query simulation. In this video, we will be flipping a coin for one million times and observing the number of heads and tails. While the probability of heads or tails in a coin flip is 50%, we will investigate if the actual outcomes align with this expectation. To perform this experiment, we will be using SQL and Power BI. We'll start by creating a database in SQL Server to store the outcomes of the coin flips. Inside the database, we will create a table with columns for the date and time, total flips, number of heads observed, and number of tails observed. Using SQL queries, we will simulate the coin flips by generating random numbers and counting the number of heads. We will execute the queries and display the results using the select command. Next, we will set up a loop to repeat the simulation for 1000 iterations, effectively flipping the coin a million times. The outcomes will be stored in the database using the insert command. In Power BI, we will connect to the SQL Server database and load the table. We will create a dashboard to visualize the results, including gauges for the number of heads and tails observed, card visuals for total flips and observed counts, line charts to display heads and tails over time, and histograms to analyze the distribution of heads. To ensure live data updates, we will enable the page refresh feature in Power BI with a one-second frequency matching the simulation. Finally, we will execute the query and observe the live information on the dashboard. We hope you find this tutorial informative and engaging. Don't forget to like and share for future updates. Thank you for watching! https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=ZsCNgzMBP0Y #CoinFlipProbability #SQLSimulation #PowerBIVisualization #DataAnalysis #DataVisualization #ProbabilityExperiment Chapters: 00:34 - Creating SQL Database and Table 02:02 - Using SQL Query to Simulate Coin Flips 05:12 - Storing Simulation Outcomes in the Database 06:42 - Connect Power BI to the SQL Server 07:38 - Creating Visuals from Live Simulation 10:20 - Running the Live Simulation


Coin flip probability, SQL simulation, Power BI visualization, Data analysis, Data visualization, Probability experiment
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