Creating and Setting up a Virtual Machine with Windows 11


The video explains how to set up a virtual machine and install Windows 11 on it. A virtual machine is a software-based computer that provides an isolated environment for running an operating system or application. The reasons for using a virtual machine include security concerns, software testing, running an OS other than the host OS on the same system, portability, and cost-sharing. The video recommends using Oracle Virtual Box, which is a free virtual machine available online. The tutorial begins by downloading the Oracle Virtual Box for Windows 11. Once the setup is downloaded, the installation process starts. The installation process is straightforward, and the default settings can be used for a smooth installation. Once the installation is complete, the video shows how to create a new virtual machine for Windows 11 using the Oracle Virtual Box. The user must provide the name of the virtual machine, its location, and the location of the ISO file that contains the operating system. Additionally, the user must provide the username and password, which will be used as Windows login credentials. The video also shows how to customize the virtual machine's specifications, such as RAM, processor, and virtual hard disk size. After creating the virtual machine, it reboots automatically, and the Windows 11 installation starts automatically. The video shows the Windows 11 installation process, which is the same as on a normal computer. The Windows operating system files get copied over to the virtual hard disk. The installation process may take some time, depending on the specifications and performance of the host system. After a short welcome message, Windows gets things ready, and finally, the Windows 11 desktop is displayed. The video also explains how to share files between the host and guest operating systems using a shared folder. Before sharing a host folder with the guest operating system, guest additions may be installed on the guest operating system. The simplest and most efficient way of moving files between the host and guest operating systems is a shared folder. In summary, the video provides an easy-to-follow tutorial on setting up a virtual machine and installing Windows 11 on it using Oracle Virtual Box. It also explains how to customize the virtual machine's specifications and share files between the host and guest operating systems. #VirtualMachine #OracleVirtualBox #Windows11 #SoftwareTesting #Portability #CostSharing #OperatingSystem #Tutorial Chapters: 00:37 - Downloading and Installing the Oracle Virtual Box 01:52 - Creating a new Virtual Machine 03:36 - Installing Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine 04:38 - Attaching and Using a Shared Folder


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