Power BI: Displaying Audit Findings, Observations, Results, Redressals, Actions and Audit Progress


The video tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how to create a dashboard on audit findings using Microsoft Power BI Desktop. The data used in the tutorial is an Excel file containing audit data of a food chain in 2022, which includes audit periods, start and end dates, status, percentage of completion, name of the branch, business process, observation instances, significance, risk rating, redressal result of the audit, and action taken on each observation. The tutorial starts by using the Get Data feature to import the Excel workbook into Power BI Desktop, and selecting the tables to be imported in the Navigator window. The data is then imported into Power BI Desktop, and all the fields are made available for creating a dashboard. The tutorial then proceeds to create a dashboard by adding different visualizations, starting with a line and column chart to show the number of instances and their significance by period, removing the year, quarter, and day from the audit period field, and adding the instances to the column by axis and significance to the Y axis. A column chart is also added to show the number of audit observations by branch, and a pie chart to show the actions taken on the observations. Next, a pie chart is added to show redressal by risk rating, and a bar chart is added to show the number of observations by instance. Finally, a gauge chart is added to display the average redressal rate against observations, and a slicer is added at the top of the dashboard to select the audit period. The tutorial ends by creating a new dashboard to display the audit in process, with a slicer at the top to select the audit period, and adding a gauge chart to show the audit completion percentage, and a pie chart to show the status of various observations in the audit in process. https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=UJN2NsKlHWY Link to the excel and power bi file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MPDllf6vYH22EjEODM7HxMdUuC_E1sWD/view?usp=share_link Chapters: 01:05 - Importing Data into Power BI Desktop 02:25 - Creating a Dashboard on Audit Findings 09:51 - Creating a Dashboard for Audit in Process 14:06 - Adding a Gantt Chart to display the Audit Progress #PowerBI #dataanalysis #dashboard #auditfindings #businessintelligence #datavisualization #Microsoft #Excel #dataanalytics


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