HTML: Complete Course for Beginners – Learn HTML in 30 Minutes


Official Website: Forums: SQL Server for Practice (Adventure Works Database): SQL Server for Practice (Star Corps Database): MySQL Server for Practice (Star Bakery Database): In this tutorial, we explore the basics of HTML and how to set up an HTML editor. Learn about different HTML editors, such as Notepad and Notepad++, and discover the features of Visual Studio Code, a free application. Follow along as we download and install Visual Studio Code on our computer. We then delve into the structure of an HTML document, focusing on the HTML, head, and body tags. Learn about the document type tag and the importance of the head tag for document information. The tutorial covers the creation of a simple HTML web page, emphasizing the hypertext markup language. Explore the use of tags and attributes to create elements, and gain an understanding of the basic structure of HTML. Discover how to create a new file in Visual Studio Code and save it on your computer. Learn about the title tag and its role in defining the title of a web page. Explore the heading tags (H1, H2, H3) and understand how they contribute to the structure of your HTML document. The tutorial covers the use of meta tags for search engine optimization, including description and keyword meta tags. Follow along as we create an ordered list, an unordered list, and a definition list, providing insights into their structures and use cases. Learn about text formatting, including making text bold, italic, and underlined. Gain knowledge about HTML tables, rows, columns, and headings, and discover how to create a simple table. The tutorial concludes with a discussion on hyperlinks, explaining how to create links that allow users to navigate between different pages. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the fundamentals of HTML or someone seeking a refresher, this tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of key HTML concepts and practical demonstrations using Visual Studio Code. #HTML #HTMLEditors #Notepad #NotepadPlusPlus #VisualStudioCode #WebDevelopment #Coding #Tutorial #MicrosoftVSCode #HTMLBasics #WebDesign #TextEditors #Programming


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