Power BI: Automating Data Loading from Online Analyzer flat files to SQL Database & BI Dashboard


This tutorial addresses the challenge of automatically loading data from an online production plant analyzer, generating flat files every five seconds, into an SQL database. The preferred method is direct storage in the SQL database, but the tutorial explores an alternate approach for learning purposes. The tutorial begins by creating an HTML file using JavaScript to simulate the online analyzer, generating flat files with specific data. These files are then downloaded and processed. The JavaScript code constructs file names based on the current date and time and simulates the production data (temperature, power, output, and loss) generation. The system involves creating, downloading, and reading these flat files every five seconds. These files are then loaded into an SQL server database using a dynamic SQL query with a delay ensuring the files are created before reading. The data is verified in the SQL table. Finally, the tutorial demonstrates displaying this data in a Power BI dashboard. Although the method works, it's not the recommended approach due to its complexity and potential pitfalls in real-world applications. The tutorial concludes with a call for viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more tutorials and updates. #DataAutomation #SQLDatabase #PowerBIDashboard #JavaScriptTutorial #WebDevelopment #DataIntegration #ProgrammingTips #TechTutorial #DataEngineering #CodingSkills


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