Power BI: Realtime Sales Simulation using SQL Server and Direct Query (Portfolio Project)


The video is a tutorial by Virtual School on creating a sales simulation of a bakery business in SQL Server and displaying its real-time sales information in Power BI Desktop using the Direct Query connection. The video begins by introducing the topic and outlining the steps involved in the tutorial. The steps include creating a SQL database and tables, populating those tables with data using SQL query, writing a SQL query to generate sales automatically, linking the database to Power BI using the direct query method, creating a relational model inside the Power BI application, creating a dashboard to display real-time sales information, and running the simulation. Next, the video shows the tables that will be needed in the SQL Server database. The presenter then demonstrates how to open the SQL Server Management Studio and create a new database named "Star Bakery." The presenter then creates a product table, which contains the product ID, title, and price, and saves it as "Product." The video then shows how to create a salesperson table, which contains the first name and last name, and saves it as "Sales Person." The presenter then creates an order type table with only two columns, the ID and the order type, and saves it as "Order Type." Lastly, the presenter creates an orders table to record customer orders and sets the ID column to ten characters and the date column to the datetime data type. Throughout the video, the presenter explains the steps and provides context for the actions taken. The video ends with the presenter inviting viewers to ask questions in the comment section and encouraging them to get started on the tutorial. Chapters 01:16 - Creating an SQL Server Database 07:50 - Creating a Sales Simulation Query 12:47 - Connecting Power BI to SQL Server 14:24 - Creating a Relational Data Model 16:18 - Creating a Realtime Sale Dashboard https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=J9K3ZZa5gBM #SQLServer #PowerBI #DataAnalysis #SalesSimulation #VirtualSchool #DatabaseManagement #DirectQuery #BusinessIntelligence #Dashboard #Tutorial


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