MS Excel: Mastering Excel Dashboards and Visualization using a Restaurant Sales Dataset.


Official Website: Forums: SQL Server for Practice (Adventure Works Database): SQL Server for Practice (Star Corps Database): MySQL Server for Practice (Star Bakery Database): Welcome to our latest tutorial where we guide you through creating interactive dashboards in MS Excel! In this tutorial, we dive deep into the world of data visualization, using a restaurant dataset comprising orders, sales, and costs. 📊 What You'll Learn: Data Modeling: Discover how to create a data model and establish relationships between various tables. Visualization Techniques: Learn to use Power Pivot, pivot charts, timeline visuals, slicers, and more. Chart Customization: Explore techniques to create meaningful charts, including column charts, pie charts, and combo charts. Interactivity: Understand how to connect charts using timeline visuals and slicers for dynamic, interactive reporting. Final Touches: Learn how to fine-tune your dashboard's appearance, hide unnecessary elements, and optimize your view for presentation. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon for more insightful tutorials and updates. Thank you for watching, and happy Excel dashboard designing! 🚀✨ #ExcelTutorials #DataVisualization #DashboardDesign #DataAnalysis #PivotCharts #PowerPivot #ExcelFormulas #SpreadsheetTips #InteractiveReporting #ExcelCharts #DataModeling #ExcelHacks #MicrosoftExcel #BusinessAnalytics


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