Power BI: Connecting to the World Bank Data using API (WBGAPI)


The World Bank Group has a lot of economic and social data on their servers, which is available for free. You can download and use the data too, but today we will show you how to connect power bi directly to their data, through API, and create dashboards using that data. World Bank API is a combination of url, and query string. You can select countries, by entering their alpha codes, separated by semicolon, or use "all" to include all countries. You can use indicator codes to include information. If more than one indicator is used, they must be separated by a semicolon, and "source=2" must be added to the query string. URL and the query string are separated by a question mark "?". As mentioned earlier, if more than one indicators are used, "source=2", must be added to the query string. You can define date parameter, to extract information for a pacific period. You can also define a range, using a colon between two years. By default large information is split between pages, however, you can also define how much information you want to display on one page, define larger number than the total items, and you can get all information on one page. https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=BsMDD1Gfgos Following query was used in the demo: https://api.worldbank.org/v2/country/AD;AE;AF;AG;AL;AM;AO;AR;AS;AT;AU;AW;AZ;BA;BB;BD;BE;BF;BG;BH;BI;BJ;BM;BN;BO;BR;BS;BT;BW;BY;BZ;CA;CD;CF;CG;CH;CI;CL;CM;CN;CO;CR;CU;CV;CW;CY;CZ;DE;DJ;DK;DM;DO;DZ;EC;EE;EG;ER;ES;ET;FI;FJ;FM;FO;FR;GA;GB;GD;GE;GH;GI;GL;GM;GN;GQ;GR;GT;GU;GW;GY;HK;HN;HR;HT;HU;ID;IE;IL;IM;IN;IQ;IR;IS;IT;JM;JO;JP;KE;KG;KH;KI;KM;KN;KP;KR;KW;KY;KZ;LA;LB;LC;LI;LK;LR;LS;LT;LU;LV;LY;MA;MC;MD;ME;MF;MG;MH;MK;ML;MM;MN;MO;MP;MR;MT;MU;MV;MW;MX;MY;MZ;NA;NC;NE;NG;NI;NL;NO;NP;NR;NZ;OM;PA;PE;PF;PG;PH;PK;PL;PR;PS;PT;PW;PY;QA;RO;RS;RU;RW;SA;SB;SC;SD;SE;SG;SI;SK;SL;SM;SN;SO;SR;SS;ST;SV;SX;SY;SZ;TC;TD;TG;TH;TJ;TL;TM;TN;TO;TR;TT;TV;TW;TZ;UA;UG;US;UY;UZ;VC;VE;VG;VI;VN;VU;WS;YE;ZA;ZM;ZW/indicator/SP.POP.TOTL;NY.GDP.DEFL.KD.ZG;TX.VAL.TECH.MF.ZS;EG.ELC.ACCS.ZS;AG.LND.AGRI.ZS;MS.MIL.TOTL.P1;EN.ATM.CO2E.KT;IC.BUS.DFRN.XQ;NY.GDP.PCAP.CD;NY.GNP.MKTP.CD;SE.XPD.TOTL.GD.ZS;ST.INT.ARVL;SL.TLF.TOTL.IN;SE.ADT.LITR.ZS;MS.MIL.XPND.CD;IP.PAT.RESD;EN.POP.DNST?source=2&date=2017:2021&per_page=20000 #powerbi #worldbank #wbgapi #worldbankapi #dashboard #visualization


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