MS Excel: Creating 3D Maps and Tours in Microsoft Excel with Picture Backgrounds


This video is a tutorial on how to create a 3D map using Microsoft Excel. The presenter begins by stating that the information will be presented using Microsoft Excel 3D maps, and a picture background map will be used to display sensor data. The video provides step-by-step instructions for creating the 3D map. First, the presenter opens Microsoft Excel and creates columns for time, x coordinates, y coordinates, and sensor data. The data to be displayed is for a period of 24 hours, and the starting time can be chosen by the user. The presenter recommends adding a few minutes to the starting time and then adding random minutes between one and ten, which can be divided by 1440 to convert to minutes. Next, the presenter suggests entering random numbers between 10 to 90 for x and y coordinates and random numbers between 10 and 20 for sensor data. The user is then instructed to go to the insert tab and click on the 3D maps section to open the 3D maps feature. A world map is already selected as scene 1, and a custom map is inserted from the new scene button. The user can select and insert a floor map as a background picture, and changes are made by pressing the apply and done buttons. The 3D world map is then deleted. To map the data with the 3D map chart, the user is instructed to select the table containing time and coordinates data and click on the add selected data to 3D maps button in the 3D map section. The user adds the x and y fields to the location area, selects x coordinate and y coordinate in front of x and y, and selects the sensor data as height. The visualization is then changed to a heat map, and the user can adjust the map view using controls at the bottom right of the window. The time field is added to the time area, and the tour can be played to see the visualization in action. Finally, the user can export the visualization as a video from the create video button. In summary, this video provides a detailed tutorial on how to create a 3D map using Microsoft Excel, including instructions on adding a background picture, mapping data to the chart, and changing the visualization. The video is helpful for those who want to learn how to create 3D maps in Excel for displaying sensor data. #MicrosoftExcel #3DMaps #DataVisualization #SensorData #ExcelTutorial #BackgroundPictures #HeatMap #DataMapping #Spreadsheet #Charts #DataAnalysis


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