Looker Studio: Creating a Sales Performance Dashboard with Looker Studio and Google Sheets


This video demonstrates how to use Looker Studio to analyze the performance of a sales team. It starts by connecting a Google Sheet as a source data for the Looker Studio dashboard. Then, the presenter creates a blank report and inserts a title, a date control, scorecards, a combo chart, a column chart, and pie charts to the dashboard. The presenter also adds different fields such as cost, profit, sales, manager, salesman, category, and product to the dashboard to create interactive and informative data-driven insights. The presenter also demonstrates how to change the appearance of the dashboard by changing the border colors, adding a text box, and changing the page size. In the end, the presenter switches from edit mode to view mode and the dashboard is complete. https://virtual-school.org/tutorial?v=72NxJ2kmnuY #datavisualization #BusinessIntelligence #LookerStudio #GoogleSheets #SalesPerformance #Dashboards #DataDrivenInsights #Tutorial #DataAnalysis


DataVisualization, BusinessIntelligence, LookerStudio, GoogleSheets, SalesPerformance, Dashboards, DataDrivenInsights, Tutorial, DataAnalysis
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