Power BI: Displaying Realtime information in Power BI Dashboard using SQL Server


This video is a tutorial on how to display real-time data on a Power BI dashboard using a free version of Power BI desktop and Microsoft SQL Server Express. The video starts by introducing the topic and then explaining that there are various ways to display real-time data on a Power BI dashboard. The video goes on to explain that the real-time data will be displayed without using any paid application. The video then demonstrates how to create a database table in Microsoft SQL Server Express, with two columns named "sensor one" and "sensor two" using decimal as the data type. These columns will store random information depicting data received and stored from sensors, and this information will be displayed on the Power BI dashboard in real-time. The table is saved as "sensors". The video then demonstrates how to enter some data into the sensors table using an insert command to insert zeros in both columns. Next, the video shows how to connect Power BI desktop to SQL Server using the "Get Data" feature, select SQL Server database, enter the server's name and database containing the table, and select Direct Query as the data connectivity mode. After connecting to the SQL server database, the video shows how to add a title to the dashboard using a text box visual and then add two gauge visuals for sensor one and sensor two. A gauge visual shows a single value as progress, in comparison with minimum, maximum, and target values. The video demonstrates how to add the sensor one and sensor two fields into the value area for the first and second gauge visuals, respectively. Finally, the video explains that the dashboard is now linked to the SQL Server database but will not show the data in real-time. To enable real-time data, the video shows how to turn on the page refresh setting in format your report page. In conclusion, the video explains that by following the steps demonstrated in the video, the user can create a real-time data dashboard without using any paid application. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iMeNiiekj0 #PowerBI #realtimeData #SQLServer #dashboard #dataVisualization #dataAnalytics #Microsoft #tutorial


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