SQL: Creating Realtime Live Reports in SQL Server Reporting Services


Official Website: https://virtual-school.org/ Forums: https://virtual-school.org/forums/ SQL Server for Practice (Adventure Works Database): https://virtual-school.org/post?t=118 SQL Server for Practice (Star Corps Database): https://virtual-school.org/post?t=117 MySQL Server for Practice (Star Bakery Database): https://virtual-school.org/post?t=116 How to Install and Configure SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): https://youtu.be/o4-Fztiov1E Welcome to another SQL Server tutorial. In today's session, we'll guide you through the process of connecting your SQL Server database to SQL Server Reporting Services, allowing you to display live, real-time information in a dynamic report. In our previous tutorial, we covered the installation and configuration of SQL Reporting Services. Now, without further delay, let's dive into the tutorial. First, let's connect to our SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio. We'll create a new table named "sales" in our Temporary database. This table will store data such as date and time, sales made in our east, west, north, and south stores. Once created, we'll populate the table with random data, generating entries per second. To visualize this data effectively, we'll create a paginated report in SQL Server Reporting Services. You'll need to open Report Builder to begin. In the report builder, we'll create a column chart, establish a connection to our SQL Server database, and select the appropriate fields for our report. Once the report is configured, we'll save it to the reporting server and access it through the report server web portal. Although the initial report is static, we'll guide you on how to make it real-time. By setting an auto-refresh rate in seconds within the report builder, your report will update in real time, displaying live information directly from the SQL Server database. As you run your queries, you'll see the results updating in real time on the report server, providing you with live insights into your data. We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe to our channel for more insightful tutorials and updates. Thank you for watching! #SQLServer #SQLServerTutorial #ReportingServices #RealTimeReporting #DatabaseManagement #DataVisualization #SQLDatabase #DataAnalysis #TechTutorial #Programming #DataScience #TechEducation #SQLQueries #ReportBuilder #WebDevelopment #DatabaseAdministration #Coding #SQLServerManagementStudio #DataAnalytics


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